Superyacht Brands partners with Club Vivanova

Oct 16, 2020 | Events, Marketing Advice

The modern digital world has become a lifeline for business development and Superyacht Brands was created to offer dedicated brand support for Mediterranean yachting companies through social media marketing, targeted editorial articles and radio advertising.

Superyacht Brands has announced a partnership with regional luxury experts Club Vivanova

Company Founder Rebecca Whitlocke brings plenty of experience with her; from her background in the travel industry working on product development and media campaigns to event marketing and social media management for a portfolio of well-known yachting companies.

She also takes an active role doing public relations and copywriting for various clients at high-profile events including Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix and Monaco Yacht Show.

Driven by the needs of yachting and luxury clients, Whitlocke explains the key to success means choosing the right network for your business. “The luxury yacht world has always revolved around great customer relationships. Superyacht Brands is a sister company to my newest venture Antibes Yachting and our top priorities are helping yachting companies make sense of marketing, whilst engaging the maritime community through local news and events.”

Antibes Yachting delivers full-service marketing in one place – working side by side with industry partners to offer an up-to-date business directory, editorials, social media management, media training and press coverage for boat shows and product launches.

Yacht show

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Leave Ordinary Behind

Across the French Riviera and Monaco, Club Vivanova have positioned themselves as a facilitator for corporate introductions into luxury sectors.

“When you’re dealing with brand storytelling, you need to focus on high quality,” continues Whitlocke. “Over the years I’ve witnessed Club Vivanova’s success and the quality of the partners has been exceptional – which is all down to the flawless work that Bradley Mitton has done. I am proud to associate with Club Vivanova.”

What really stands out, however, is that Superyacht Brands and Antibes Yachting do not intend to mimic other media and marketing agencies who offer complicated models for the yachting sector.

Yachting media

Superyacht Brands aligns with top yachting media OnboardOnline and Yachting International Radio

“It takes vision to upset the status quo. So often, marketing consultants and media outlets put clients at the bottom of the list, yet yachting suppliers are the epicentre for the entire industry,” Whitlocke explains.

“People appreciate we’re trying to make communication easier. I strongly believe in a shared economy and therefore I am partners with OnboardOnline who focus on industry topics, crew news and ocean sustainability and Yachting International Radio who are renowned for honest dialogue in the industry via their thought-provoking interviews reaching 89 countries.”

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