Soaring into Friday

Nov 6, 2020 | Marketing Advice, News

Do you feel like your marketing is soaring for your business? 


I love this video, it makes me smile!  Today’s marketing tip is about tuning in to your customers.



Do repetitive phrases or words always come up in conversations with prospective customers?  For example; “How do I book this with you?”
Listen carefully to the phrases and terms people use when they talk about your yachting company; these words come naturally to them and are usually what they search for online.
Create a social media post or blog post based on these key words or questions; “How To…” or step-by-step guides work well for showing you are an expert.
Examples could be :
  •  ‘How to book a yacht charter in Antibes’
  •  or ‘How to order provisioning during lockdown’
  •  or ‘How to save time doing your admin by using a marine accountant’
  •  or ‘How to choose the best ceramic coating’.
The possibilities are already there, so use your customers to inspire your posts.
Pay attention to YOUR customers because the ones referring other people to you, returning to you and raving about you are the same people who will bring you income and make your business grow, adapt and improve.
Thanks to Nirvana Adventures for the great video!
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