4 Ways To Reach New Customers

Apr 5, 2021 | Marketing Advice, News

Digital marketing is essential in today’s business environment, and if last year taught us anything it was the importance of maintaining communication to both your existing and prospective customers.

Using digital tools and technology helps you build your company profile, foster and manage a positive reputation online and find new customers.  Thoroughly understanding your niche and having a solid knowledge of your products and services is vital to being able to attract customers who will buy from you.

4 Ways To Reach New Customers – Antibes Yachting

4 Marketing Tips For Yachting Companies

Often, I see a lot of marketing advice that is extremely complicated and therefore individuals and companies don’t take the first step to progress because they are overwhelmed.  Here are 4 easy ways to appeal to new customers:

1. People are spending more time on social media, but less time on each platform.  So, how do you make content sharing easy for them, plus provide quick, engaging content? Stories.  ‘Stories’ is a feature inside many social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can either share from a post to Stories, or upload a Story directly then add polls, location tags and hashtags to up the engagement factor.

2. Todays customers expect you to meet them where they are – they want immediate access and quick responses.  So, take advantage of the tools on each social media platform to bring your company to them.  Focus on ‘being found’ rather than just simply ‘finding new’ customers.  Whether this means you set up ‘Shops’ on Instagram to make it easy for your customers to buy online, you use targeting with Facebook Ads or you geotag your Instagram posts to reach customers in the area near you.  I am a big fan of geotagging on Instagram and often tag myself when I’m at Port Vauban or old town Antibes.

3. Make sure your company and your target customers are on the platforms that you are active on.  Inauthenticity or creating an account just to have it will not be worth your time and effort long term.  I don’t have a TikTok account as it’s not where my clients ‘buy’ from me, however I joined Clubhouse as lots of my business connections and prospective clients are there, and I love LinkedIn for content and knowledge sharing.

4. Social listening is very important.  I follow my own hashtag #AntibesYachting so I can pick up mentions of my company.  This makes it much easier and efficient to respond if I’m tagged in a post or someone leaves me a comment.  Be proactive, be responsive and follow up on leads.

What are your favourite easy tips for reaching new customers?  Leave me a comment.

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