Yachting Industry: Content Creation + Distribution + Promotion

Nov 25, 2021 | Marketing Advice

  • Guest blogging or interviews on other industry-relevant sites so you build a portfolio for thought leadership, knowledge sharing and PR.  Don’t forget to cross-promote and add the article link to your own website!
  • Traditional advertising with yachting and/or luxury media ( radio, print, online ) etc.
  • Republishing your content on industry forums or groups with a link back to the original on your own website.  For every piece of content I publish, I always share it on multiple Linkedin Groups, and/or superyacht news feeder sites such as Feedspot or Superyacht Networks.
  • Using industry-relevant hashtags on social media. Hashtags categorise content which makes it easier for people to find it.
Which of these methods do you use to grow your audience?


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