Social Media Myth Busting In The Yachting Industry

Nov 17, 2020 | Marketing Advice, News

My post today was inspired by a discussion I recently had with a couple of yachting companies about the dominance of various yachting businesses on social media channels.
One company assured me that they do ‘very well’ across 5 different social media channels.  I asked them how many people create, manage, distribute, analyse and adapt their social media posts for their audiences.  They told me they have a small team to oversee their social media footprint.
Great!  This is excellent if you have a dedicated social media team or use an agency to curate, schedule and analyse your content because it’s a perfect way to ensure your yachting company is active and seen online.
However, 90% of my clients in the yachting industry don’t have the resources for this – and by resources I am referring to skilled staff who understand the mechanics, tools and processes to use social media effectively, the time to create engaging content or the budget to pay an agency thousands of dollars monthly for pages of reports they don’t understand.
So, my insight to this interesting discussion was it’s a myth that you need to post 10 times daily on different social media accounts to be successful.  Why?  Because your customers are not active on every single social media platform invented, and if you can not understand their engagement and audience behaviour you will waste a lot of time and effort on platforms that will not bring your revenue.

Social Media and the Yachting Industry

It’s a common issue I see with yachting companies; they start up a Twitter account, Instagram profile, Pinterest page, Linkedin company page, TikTok account or Facebook page and there’s a flurry of activity.   Then it dwindles to irregular posts, then it stops altogether.  And when your customers visit your website and click onto your social media profiles what do they find?  Sleeping accounts that haven’t been updated for months (sometimes years!).  What message is this sending your prospective customers?
My recommendation to yachting companies that have limited resources to manage social media is to pick a handful of platforms to focus on.  It’s better to be consistent with a couple of social media channels and nail them, than to leave multiple accounts dormant due to lack of ideas or time.
You must also go beyond the basic demographics and learn your audience’s goals, challenges and interests – for Antibes Yachting, our clients are seeking user-friendly advice for marketing and long-term help with brand awareness. As well, they enjoy yachting industry news, business tips and superyacht photos!
Useful social media tip: Create relevant questions and ask your audience to respond. Asking questions triggers a natural reflex which will help you generate engagement. This is now easy for anyone to do with Stories poll stickers, or try out the poll features on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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