Fondazione ISYL: Antibes Yachting invited as Guest Speaker

May 5, 2021 | Events, Marketing Advice, News, Press

Rebecca Whitlocke, Founder of Antibes Yachting, joined the ‘Head Of Hosting And Marketing In Yachting And Luxury Tourism’ class today (virtually) at Fondazione I.S.Y.L to speak about marketing for luxury and nautical tourism, with a specific focus on destination marketing for marinas and preparing for media relations at yacht shows.

Her presentation focused on 2 key areas and a summary:

– Marina
– Destination
– Marina Website

– Preparation
– Media Relations / Dealing with Journalists

3) SUMMARY : The ‘I C E’ method

May 5, 2021: Rebecca Whitlocke from Antibes Yachting joins as a Guest Speaker at ISYL Viareggio

About Fondazione I.S.Y.L (Italian Super Yacht Life)

I.S.Y.L, Italian Super Yacht Life, is the only Istituto Tecnico Superiore (Higher Technical Institute) dedicated to pleasure boating in Italy and is based in Viareggio, Tuscany, the heart of Italian boating.

It was created with the aim of organising highly professional dedicated courses to train future specialists in the nautical and port sectors, in all areas of the supply chain. The I.S.Y.L. Foundation aims to promote the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge and to support measures for the development of the economy and active labor market policies.

It acts in the technological area of ​​sustainable mobility in the nautical transport and logistics sector, in particular in the sectors of production and maintenance of means of transport and / or related infrastructures and the mobility of people and goods.

Thank you to Filippo Ceragioli, Founder & Director at Ceragioli-Storåkers Associates for the invitation!
For more information about the Head of Hosting and Marketing in Luxury Tourism course, see here:
For a downloadable copy of the I.S.Y.L presentation created by Rebecca Whitlocke you can go here:
Copyright All rights reserved – Rebecca Whitlocke

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