How To Set Up Bell Notifications In Instagram

Jan 31, 2021 | Marketing Advice, News

Ships bells have been a part of maritime traditions for both functional and ceremonial uses.  Used for signalling, ceremonial salutes, time keeping, sounding alarms and also when a sailor has died he or she can be honoured with the sounding of eight bells symbolising “end of their final watch.”

Instagram has rolled out many new features in the past year, including bell notifications where you may now see a bell icon on the profile pages that you follow.

The bell icon is a super easy way to make sure you don’t miss posts from your favourite Instagram accounts.  Below, I’ll explain in three quick steps how you can turn on bell notifications in Instagram.

STEP 1: Click onto the profile page of your favourite Instagram accounts; I’ve used OnboardOnline as an example here.  At the top right on their profile page, you will see a little bell icon.

STEP 2:  Click onto the bell icon and a pop-up menu appears where you can slide notifications on or off for posts, stories and Instagram TV (IGTV).  For live videos, you can click onto notifications.

STEP 3:  After you have turned some or all of the notifications on, the bell on the profile page will now show a small tick inside it.  NOTE:  Only you can see this tick on your follower pages.  You can not see the bell icon on your own Instagram page.

Did you know about the bell notifications? Let your customers know so they can get alerts for your Instagram posts.  If you can’t see the bell icon yet, it will be coming soon to your Instagram account.

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