Superyacht Summit Adria Wrap-Up

May 14, 2024 | Events, News, Press

The debut edition of the Superyacht Summit Adria took place at the Radisson Blu in Split on April 18th.  The event brought together over 100 guests from various parts of the world, united for an introspective look at the Adriatic yachting sector.

With Tristan Mortlock, Founder of Mortlock Yachts

My Key Takeaways:

  • No matter the size of the company, the business owners I spoke to at the event really proved the importance of leveraging local expertise. All of the people I spoke to have extensive networks comprised of industry professionals, including maritime suppliers, luxury hospitality, and yachting services.  I’d love to expand on some of the conversations I had with companies who lead with motivators such as “Here’s how we can help you” and “Here’s evidence of us doing it already”.
  • Defining a roadmap to grow the Adriatic as a yachting region requires ongoing collaboration as the Adriatic has its own set of challenges and requirements.  With the right partnerships and reinforcement for improvement and knowledge sharing, growth is not just a possibility but a certainty.

Developing the Adriatic yachting industry will require ongoing collaboration, knowledge sharing and partnerships

  • Our customers want to feel valued and understood – it’s about creating a connection between the emotions and experiences your company evokes. In the luxury sector that is rife with choices, value doesn’t rest solely on being nice, making a financial transaction or highlighting the attributes of a product or service. All customers have a rational motivation to choose any company offering similar pricing and offerings. But loyalty is given only when extra emotional value is offered.
  • There are many professionals with backgrounds from different sectors who have immense technical and operational knowledge that would cross over nicely into the yachting sector. I have no doubt these professionals would ensure compliance with rigorous industry standards and foster innovation.  It’s not just about improving what’s already in the market; it’s about creating something new and making it yours. We need to crack the “It’s always been done this way” mindset in yachting!
  • Efficiency, quality, reliability and satisfaction are the bedrock of any product or service.  This includes acting as a media partner and being committed to excellence. By relinquishing the urge to be all things to all people, you can forge a clearer path to differentiation and success.

Rebecca Whitlocke from Antibes Yachting was thrilled to join Superyacht Content as a Media Partner for the Superyacht Summit Adria.  Take a look here at everything you might have missed from the Superyacht Summit Adria:

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