Ask Your Audience: Best Practices for Luxury Marketing

Jan 14, 2022 | Marketing Advice

If you’re looking for inspiration for content creation, ask your audience or customers for ideas!  I often run polls to ask my followers what I should write about.   It is an excellent method to reach customers for what appeals to them, their pain points, their feedback and trends.

Business owners often say they’re too busy or don’t have ideas to come up with useful and valuable content – and let’s be honest there’s plenty of people who don’t see the long-term benefits of being helpful or sharing knowledge BEFORE they secure a firm order or get paid.

The point is that customers are more likely to trust and like doing business with established professionals.  If you are willing to share your knowledge or expertise, your ideal customers will naturally gravitate towards you because you’re demonstrating your expertise in your field.

Giving out useful, informative, relevant content in multiple formats will lead first before spending dead money on advertising campaigns.

Ask Your Audience

Creating high-quality content which strikes a chord with your audience and addresses topics they’re interested in is a great way of reaching more people in your target niche and letting them know you’re listening.

For a good starting point write down a list of common questions your target customers may ask; 3 – 5 questions is not unachievable so you don’t get overwhelmed.  For example, for a range of suppliers such as yacht interiors to teak deck specialists, some typical questions may be:

“How would I store this expensive bed linen in the off-season?”

“What is the best method to clean silver cutlery?”

“How do I compare teak and composite decking?”

“10 steps to finding a Charter Broker”

“What are the benefits of gaining RYA Yachtmaster certifications”

Here’s some more prompts for content creation:

Are you a crew agent? Share some CV tips for green crew on your social media Stories.

Do you own a yacht provisioning company? Offer some behind the scenes videos and storage tips for food items.

Are you a yacht agency?  Post an update on your social media pages about the current regional status of yacht in/out clearance formalities and berth reservations.

I hope this post gives you a boost to get inspired for content this week!

Lead photo:  Pierre Blach – Pexels.


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