Antibes Yachting welcomes Yacht Informer as a Partner

Aug 27, 2021 | Events, News, Press

To succeed in the luxury sector, Antibes Yachting sees collaboration as a journey not a destination. Our industry Partners have a strong reputation in their fields and are skilled at turning conversations into conversions.

We leverage the first-class knowledge of our network to bring you service providers and suppliers who deliver excellence that rewrites the rule book for high net worth clientele.

Welcome to Yacht Informer who are now a Partner with Antibes Yachting!

Yacht Informer explores the stories, people and places which make up the yacht industry.

Driven by the power of storytelling and a wholehearted belief in applying an innovative, forward-thinking and sustainable approach to all that we do, Yacht Informer is the fresh breeze that the industry has been looking for.

Find out more about Yacht Informer and our other industry Partners here:

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