Antibes Lifeboat fundraising for an inshore lifeboat (R.I.B)

Mar 7, 2022 | Events, News, Port Vauban, Press

Our Antibes Lifeboat is still fundraising for an inshore lifeboat.

The Antibes lifeboat needs a minimum of 6 crew members to be allowed to launch on any rescue operation. This is proving to become more and more difficult to achieve, with people stuck at work during the day and only available from 5pm. Unfortunately rescues don’t happen only after 5pm!

70% of rescues they carry out are within 2 nautical miles of the coast line and are for vessels no bigger than 12m. Launching such a big lifeboat is not always cost effective or practical.

The SNSM station in Antibes is made up of 34 volunteers, including 24 operational and 10 dedicated to administrative tasks, fundraising, running stands etc. Volunteers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help anyone stranded at sea. They are located at the foot of the Port Vauban harbour master’s office and are happy to welcome anyone visiting every Saturday morning.

Antibes Lifeboat:  Fundraising for an inshore lifeboat

The Antibes lifeboat station are asking for your kind donations to help them reach their goal to purchase an inshore lifeboat. This faster, light weight inshore rescue boat will be able to launch any time of the day and respond quicker with as little as 3 crew members to 70% of rescues saving them time, money and lives.

For the cost of your next coffee or pint, a few € will help them reach their goal. Every yachting company in Antibes should be supporting them. If you’re a yachtie in Antibes, this is YOUR lifeboat! It doesn’t matter if you’re on a jet ski, small sailboat or a large superyacht they will assist you.

Previously, I have proposed that a % of berth fees at Port Vauban contributes to the ongoing costs for the Lifeboat, sadly this fell on deaf ears with port authorities.

If you can’t donate please just help spread the word. We know with just the yachting community we can make this happen!

You can support the Antibes Lifeboat here:

Make a donation via the HelloAsso fundraising link:

Follow the SNSM Antibes Facebook page.

Follow them on Instagram: 

Donate to the Antibes Lifeboat via their website:  Station SNSM d’Antibes 


Check out the latest interview with Antibes Lifeboat on BFM TV (in French language).

Watch Charlie Stitt’s interview with YPI Crew below; Charlie is a coxswain on the Antibes Lifeboat:

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