Marketing Tips: Understanding How Content Impacts Your Sales Funnel

Jan 10, 2022 | Marketing Advice

One of the most important metrics for yachting businesses is determining the ladder that aligns your business goals – essentially, what does success look like?

Marketing campaigns in the yachting industry are predominantly focused on the ‘awareness’ stage and they don’t always include content across the full customer journey.

In most cases, content marketing should be your platform to build brand awareness, educate your target customers and convert leads.

While it’s necessary to appeal to customers in the first instance, that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

How Yachting-Relevant Content Impacts Your Sales Funnel

In today’s marketing world, you need to consistently plan, create and monitor your content and marketing trail – no matter how small or big your company is!

Think of your content as a book:  you have an index to guide customers through the plot where each chapter should include complementary pieces of content to move your prospects through the buying journey (storytelling).

Here is an overview of the types of content and how they impact your sales funnel:

ATTRACT:  Blog Posts, How To Guides, Sales Videos, Podcasts

EDUCATE:  Checklists, Explainers such as Videos/Demos, Newsletters, Webinars

DECISION:  Case Studies, Client Results, Product Demos, Testimonials

BUY:  Email Promotions, How To Guides, Sales Pages, Sign Up Forms

4 Reasons Why Creating Yachting Content Should Matter To Your Company

BUILDING CUSTOMER LOYALTY & TRUST: You want your content to leverage trust so prospective customers make decisions faster.

BETTER SEO:  Publishing quality content will improve your website SEO.

SHORTER SALES CYCLE:  By understanding how different types of content impact your sales funnel, you can monitor the content that produces the highest-quality traffic and therefore drive more content that converts prospects.

PLANNING & TIME MANAGEMENT:  Having a clear path for a content strategy makes it easier to plan and create content in these areas focused on intent and buying signals.

As well, you should be tracking micro-conversions so you get data that measures how your audience engages with resources on your website such as downloading yachting-relevant ebooks, opening ‘How To’ guides or signing up for your newsletter.  These are all actions that indicate your prospective customers were interested to learn more about your company.

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Main image: Mali Maeder – Pexel

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