How Hashtags Can Build Brand Awareness For Your Yachting Company

Feb 9, 2022 | Marketing Advice, News

Hashtags are a digital filtering feature that cement your brand reputation, help your target audience find you and attract the right followers to your business. They are most popular on Instagram, have traction on Facebook and Twitter and are now gaining followers on LinkedIn.

A huge benefit of creating and/or using hashtags is they are seen by anyone who searches for that hashtag, even if they are not connected to your account yet. If you follow a LinkedIn hashtag, your content is categorised making it more relevant to your feed.

One of my favourite things about hashtags is using them for events. If you’re exhibiting or attending a yacht show or forum, then using the associated hashtag for the event will enable you to get more visibility with people following that hashtag before, during or after the event. #BOOT #MYBA #MYS2022

? DID YOU KNOW? As well as adding hashtags to your posts, you can also add hashtags to your own LinkedIn personal profile summary and the ‘About Us’ section on your LinkedIn (Company) Page. Note: These hashtags aren’t clickable.

Two common issues I see with yachting companies using hashtags is (1) they use hashtags that no one is using (2) they create hashtag phrases that are too long; I have seen some yachting companies use 7-word hashtags……will your customers remember that and have time to input it?

Four Tips For Using Hashtags

  1. Follow your own hashtag (if you have one) so you can track who is talking about your company online and engage with them.
  2. When you type a hashtag into Instagram’s search bar, for example #superyacht, Instagram will show you other similar hashtags in the ‘Hashtags’ (#) tab with the number of posts related to that hashtag.  This is an easy way to create a list of top industry-related hashtags to use.
  3. Use relevant hashtags so your posts can be found; don’t just invent a random hashtag that no one is searching for.
  4. Create and save batches of hashtags to interchange with your social media posts.  You can save them in a Notes app or use the predictive text functionality on your smartphone.



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