Riviera Charts

Riviera Charts

Riviera Charts
Galerie du Port, 11 rue Fontvieille
Antibes, Côte d’Azur 06600
+33 493 344 566

Based in Antibes since 1997, Riviera Charts supports the growing demand from yachts in the area.

Riviera Charts was first appointed as an Admiralty distributor in 1980, the first such distributor in France, and since then has become synonymous with navigation supporting many private, commercial and naval vessels operating in the Med, the Caribbean, the Baltic and elsewhere around the world.

The business has continued to grow and expand its range of services beyond its core chart distribution to become a premier provider of Chartroom Management solutions and other services.

The business draws strength from key partnerships with specialists organisations such as Imray (specialist leisure charts), Novaco (e-distribution of corrections), Primar (ENCs), the SHOM (French navigational products) as well as UKHO (paper & digital charts and publications).

Contact their team of highly motivated and qualified staff for British Admiralty & French SHOM charts & publications; stock of stitched ensigns and courtesy flags, along with high quality chart table instruments. They offer a full range of folio management and chart correction services. Also provide most formats of electronic charts and publications, such as British Admiralty ARCS charts, and Digital List of Lights, Total Tide & List of Radio Signals products.




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